Psykolog Gry Secher

Therapy in english

If you prefer therapy in english, this is also an option. I did a year of my graduate studies in psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle. Therefore I am perfectly comfortable conducting the therapy in English. The therapeutic method that we will use is called cognitive therapy. Further, I usually include the advanced type of cognitive therapy called schematherapy in our work.

The clinic is situated in the central part of Copenhagen, close to Nørreport station and Kongens Nytorv metro station. See contact information http://kognitivterapikø

Areas of expertice:

Personal growth

Self-defeating patterns/lifetraps

Problematic habits

Low self-esteem


Psychological aspects of infertility


Anxiety disorders

OCD – Obsessions and compulsions

Infants – Sleep, well-being and circadian rhythm